Galvalume Steel Coil-Color AFP



The hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is based on cold-rolled steel sheets of various strength and thickness specifications, and is hot-dipped with a layer of AL-ZN aluminum-zinc alloy coating on both sides. About 55% AL aluminum, 43.5% ZN zinc, 1.6% Si silicon. It combines the physical protection and high durability of AL with the electrochemical protection of ZN. In addition, the surface has a highly decorative bright silver-gray color and a fish scale pattern with a standard, and has a three-dimensional embossed feeling.

The two important elements of the plated sheet are zinc, aluminum, aluminum-zinc, three alloy substances. Zinc is generally represented by Z. Z is the abbreviation of Zinc in English. For example, the zinc content of Z80 surface is 80 grams per square. Z100 means the galvanized content is 100 grams per square, and so on. The number after Z means the average coating content of three points on both sides of the galvanized steel coil in grams per square. The general materials of hot-dip galvanized spot on the market are: Z80, Z100, Z120, Z140, Z180, Z275, etc. Aluminum is represented by A. A is the abbreviation of English Aluminum.

Aluminium-zinc compounds are added together with Z and A. Such as AZ150. Among the galvanized labels, such as AZ100, it means that the content of galvanized is 100 grams per square, AZ70 is 70 grams of galvanized per square, and AZ150 means that the content of galvanized is 150 grams per square. The stock materials of galvanized sheet coils on the market are generally: AZ50, AZ70, AZ100, AZ150, AZ180, AZ200.

The hot-dip 55% Al-Zn alloy steel plate has no rust after 20 years, but the relative galvanized sheet takes about 10 years, the 4% Al-Zn steel plate takes about 10 years, and the 7% Al-Zn steel plate takes about 9 years to rust. Calculated from the measured value of corrosion weight loss, it can be found that the corrosion resistance of 55% aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate can reach more than 50 years.